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Do you own a house or apartment and want to change its layout and structure? Artitects home interior designers Sydney offer customised interior design services from start to finish.

Our goal is to design a living home tailored to your unique personality while emphasising your high standards and aesthetic sensibilities. Artitects’ meaningful spatial solutions create a home in which you feel comfortable, a home that you love to invite family and friends to, and a home that supports who you desire to be.

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Space, light and scenery – the things you live, see and feel. Unique apartment, house and home interiors with powerful visuals, intelligent elegance, and timeless appeal.

Living Room & Home Office Design

Living Room House Interior Design Sydney
Living Room Interior Design Sydney
Library Living Room Interior Design
Luxury Living Room Interior Design Sydney

Kitchen Design

Kitchen Interior Design Sydney
Designer Kitchen Interior Design Sydney

Bedroom Design

Bedroom Interior Design Sydney

Walk-In Wardrobe and built-in cabinetry Design

Walk-in Wardrobe Interior Design Sydney

Bathroom Design

Bathroom Interior Design New South Wales
Apartment Bathroom Interior Design

What we can do for your dream home

Artitects offer a variety of interior design services for houses in Sydney, NSW and beyond.

- Residential interior space planning
- Design Concept & development
- Indoor and Outdoor Lighting design
- Soundscaping
- 3D visualisation & rendering
- Floor plans & Construction drawings
- Assistance with Approval Process (DA, CDC)
- Furniture selection, finishes & material selection
- Custom Furniture Design
- Sourcing of custom furniture through our manufacturers
- Project management and site inspection

Your Questions Answered

Residential interior design is the art of bringing a home environment to life. Your home is where your life happens. Each residential home interior individually tailored to each client. Residential design projects consider personality, dreams and lifestyle of the owner when delivering beautiful spaces where our clients can love and live, work, enjoy, learn and create. Artitects specialises in creating minimalist design styles to transform your home.

Depending on the changes you wish to make in your apartment or house, even a bathroom renovation or kitchen renovation may require some form of approval before any construction may commence. Hiring an interior designer to do your design project is recommended. Sydney interior designers are familiar with local regulations and will be able to assist with the approval process. This alone takes a lot of pain out of the home renovation process. Artitects can also recommend trusted home builders or cabinet makers to you. Apart from that, a professional interior design studio is guaranteed to provide a home interior design with wow factor.

While there is a big difference between the work of an interior decorator and an interior designer, part of our design work is related to interior decoration. Artitects are full service interior designers in Sydney with a strong focus on interior architecture. We design custom built-in cabinetry and custom furniture and soft furnishings as part of every design project. We select colours and fittings to bring our residential interiors to life. The type of services a professional interior decorator provides are the touch-ups such as selecting decorative accessories such as curtains, carpets, plants and ceiling and wall lights for a house or room.

Yes, we do design custom furniture for houses, apartments, beach house, home theatre or any other home interior design that requires customised cabinetry. We have access to a network of suppliers and cabinet makers who can manufacture any kind of custom cabinetry. Part of the design project will be managing communication with the supplier and delivery of the manufactured items.

Our Residential Design Process

Analyse and Listen


Analyse and Listen

We start each residential project by visiting your property to take measurements. We listen to you to out find out what your needs and desires are and get an understanding of what is meaningful to you. We set the foundation for a residential space that speaks your language.

Dream and Think

We prepare your preliminary schematic designs. Floor plans and 3D Renderings will help you visualise your property what it will look like when it is done.

Dream and Think


Design and Develop


Design and Develop

We create construction documents and work with the engineers to produce plans and drawings that the builder team and contractors need to know how exactly to build the place.

Define and Refine

Collaboratively we will decide on colour, finish and materials to be used. This is also the stage where decisions on the built-in design are made. Following your approval, we will engage trusted crafts – and tradespeople to manufacture the custom cabinetry.

Define and Refine


Approve and Authorise


Approve and Authorise

We will work with the relevant complying authority to obtain the necessary approvals (CDC, DA, CC). This is essential because without them construction cannot commence.

Sign off and Commence

When you are happy with the designs and are able to give your approvals, construction can commence.

Sign off and Commence


Construct and Coordinate


Construct and Coordinate

We oversee and coordinate every imaginable facet of construction end-to-end – from construction, electrical, plumbing to lighting installation, and AV. We constantly review and update your punch list to ensure everything is done correctly and beautifully.

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