We are creatives with big hearts and incurable optimism. We are thinkers with good instincts and insatiable curiosity. We are designers dedicated to creating emotional connections between people and their environment by employing color, material, and form in unexpected ways.

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Our Qualities:

Good Listeners
"Can Do" Attitude

Artitects is an interior design and architecture firm. We deliver design experiences that take you to another story and a different frame of mind.

Because humans are emotional creatures, we strive to create emotional connections between people and their environment in all of our client projects. The spaces we live and work in are the places we spent most of our lives in. We believe that interior design and architecture have the ability to give a place energy that has lasting positive effect on our client's lives.

We are designers by trade, but what we want to be is your trusted advisors on your journey towards your residential or commercial space that isn’t just beautiful and functional, but that evokes the right emotions in anyone spending time in it.

That is why our commercial designs are a combination of functionality and purpose with a story that inspires your customers, staff and you. That is why our residential designs are a reflection of you, your desires and wishes, so that you feel comfortable in them and want to invite family and friends to.

Meet The Thinkers

Clovia-interior designers sydney


Director of Design & Architecture

Growing up, Clovia had always been inclined to create solutions and discover how parts work to form a whole. Over the course of her career, she has come to realise that she is not just obsessed with the workability of parts, but also by the efficacy of the solution they provide. This is perhaps the foundation of her love for design, architecture, and operations.

Clovia likes to approach problem-solving from an empathic perspective, concentrating on how solutions emotionally affect the lives of people. She has always believed that the spaces we inhabit shape the people we become. It is her goal to create emotional connections between people and their spatial environment by employing colour, material, and form in unexpected ways. 

Passion and personality, coupled with her vision, creative design skills, excellent attention to detail, and leadership ability, have earned Clovia a reputation with clients, builders and engineers as a respected partner who is able to deliver even the most challenging projects. She embraces every challenge with vigour believing that there is an innovative design solution to every problem, no matter the degree of difficulty. Swiss-French Architect Le Corbusier said that “architecture is space and light and order” – and this is what Clovia aims to manifest in all her ventures.

Florian Hofmann_interior designers sydney


Director of Communication

Florian’s passions lie with interior design and digital storytelling. He believes that every interior design is a piece of art, art that deserves to be shared with the world. And that is what he does best – creating digital experiences that move brands forward by capturing a vision and prompting a smile.

Florian has a thorough understanding of timeless image composition, visual and digital storytelling, graphic design, web design, and video production – his ingredients to tell a story that conveys the client’s brand message to their target audience.

He has worked on digital projects with major companies across Europe since 2011. His passion has always been to create and design digital experiences that are pleasing to the eye and create powerful emotions that last. Florian is currently doing a  Diploma of Access Consulting.

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