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Who we are

We work at the intersection of spatial design and emotional connection to create experiences with wow factor.

Artitects is a Sydney based architecture and full service interior design firm. We create engaging commercial interiors and unique residential spaces tailored to your needs. Our creations are inspired by the simplistic, natural essence found in minimalist design styles. Spaces we designs aim to activate the senses and promote meaningful human interactions.

What we can do for you

Residential Interior Design

Residential Interior Design

Psychologically rich design projects for residential interiors for new or existing apartment homes and houses. Artitects’ residential design projects include, but are not limited to, bathroom designs, living room designs, bedroom designs, kitchen designs, dining room designs, and design interiors for beach houses.

If you are looking for an interior design that is warm and welcoming and fires the imagination, click down below to learn more.

Commercial Interior Design

Emotionally resonant commercial interiors for your property. Artitects create restaurant interiors, office designs, bar designs, shop designs, interior designs for hotel and spa, and shop front designs.

Discover how we change the way commercial sites function through clever spatial interaction. We get to set interior design trends, invent interiors that last and help businesses move forward. Be a trendsetter!

Commercial Interior Design

Architectural Design

Architectural Design

Architecture is more than bricks and mortar; it is about people and making a difference in their lives and community. Find out how we create spirited and innovative architecture that responds thoughtfully to site context, culture and climate.

Why Artitects

Artitects handles every project from start to finish with integrity, passion and transparency.

Site Feasibility Analysis

Full Concept Design

Technical Design

Get Complying Authority Approvals (DA, CDC)

Construction Project Management

Custom Furniture Design

Site Feasibility Analysis

Full Concept Design

Technical Design

Get Complying Authority Approvals (DA, CDC)

Custom Furniture Design

Construction Project Management

Clients choose us because we combine remarkable design with efficiency and exceptional customer service.

Kind words from our clients

"We needed a committed team with the versatile expertise to create a design concept with wow factor and carry out our vision for a cutting edge home interior design. Clovia and Flo made a stellar job at designing, project managing, working with home builders, engineers and certifiers to make the interior become a reality and smartly solving any issues along the way."
"What I like best about Artitects is that the working process with them is never restricted to execution, instead it's always a creative process of co-creation with a focus on problem solving as a team with a common goal. We are happy to work with people who have a deep understanding about our business needs, and have a genuine interest in the work they do."
"One thing I love about Artitects is the way they take ownership of your idea. Ideas are fragile and you have to in-trust them with a team that takes them on as their own and treats them with the respect they deserve."
"The reason why we chose Artitects to design our new North Shore home is because their recent projects showed me that they are dedicated not just to the design aspects of their projects, but also the customer experience from beginning to end.

Your Questions Answered

Changing the configuration of a space comes with many challenges. Hiring an interior designer to transform your home interior or commercial interior into one that you love is an investment that will pay off.

First and foremost a designer will be able to give the interior an aesthetic style that is consistent throughout the property. Artitects’ Sydney interior designer will provide you with a solution that suits your needs and is specific to only you. We know what makes a home welcoming and warm, and we also know how to create a commercial interior design that attracts customers.

Australian interior designers have to be familiar with local regulations and designs have to be compliant with local or national regulations. To avoid a stop order or risk getting fined, it is highly recommended to engage an interior designer. If you are planning to let a construction company build the interior fit-out, a professional detailed drawing will be required.

Interior designers are trained to produce such drawings which in return will reduce the time for construction to finish and will help you manage the cost of work. Not having a detailed and accurate drawing will result in variations charged by the builder which will increase cost and time. A top interior designer can also create drawings for custom cabinetry for your bathroom design, kitchen renovation, walk-in wardrobe, wine cellar, etc.

Artitects works with professional builders and shopfitters who we trust and are happy to recommend to you.

Interior design and interior decoration are often presumed to be professions that are interchangeable, but they are in fact very different from one another. Professional Interior designers are hired when the spatial configuration of the rooms within a building needs to be changed. Examples for that would be moving or removing walls, changing elevations and ceiling heights or the materiality of floors.

Interior designers are often referred to as interior architects because, as the name suggests, they are architects of the interior space. Since Australian interior fitouts need to comply with local regulations, Australian interior designers need to have detailed knowledge of acceptable dimensions of and within the interior space. Sydney Interior designers work closely with electrical engineers, hydraulic engineers, fire engineers, structural engineers, certifiers, landscape architects, sound designers, lighting experts and construction companies to get the job done.

We, at Artitects like to say that interior designers create emotional connections between people and their environment by employing color, material, and form in unexpected ways in order to achieve a specific design style. In other words, we design spaces and influence decorative elements.

Interior decorators, on the other hand, work within a given space with the intention to change the look and feel of a room by working with fabrics, fixtures, accessories, pieces of art and paint. An interior decorator may change the items hanging on the wall or move furniture around to achieve a different look. Interior decorators are often hired to do home staging, property styling, kitchen styling or carry out furniture selection often for home interiors.

Most interior designers base their design fee on the amount of square meters of the home or business space. Having said that, interior design cost also depends on compliance requirements such as DA or CDC, either of which may be required. A professional Sydney interior designer (including kitchen designers, restaurant designers or bar designers) also looks at the value they provide, certifications and training they have received, years of experience they offer, and work portfolio they possess.

Artitects charge a fair price and ensure that your home or business space gets a design with wow factor.

The interior design fee that Artitects charges is, however, only a fraction of the total project cost which is made out of design fee, third party fees, costs charged by the construction company/builder/shopfitter.

You should hire an interior designer as early as possible. With strict regulations in place, it is easy to make a mistake that can be costly. Providing your builder of choice with a set of drawings that are faulty will end up in variations being charged by the builder, which increases the project cost.

Hiring an interior designer will help you design a living space or business space in a professional manner and well coordinated with third party suppliers, builders and regulators. If you don’t have a design in mind, an expert interior designer from Artitects will listen to you to find out what your needs and desires are and get an understanding of what is meaningful to you and provide mood boards so you can decide which interior design style to go with. That way we set the foundation for a residential or commercial space that speaks your language and is on track to being done in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Artitects has access to a network of highly qualified builders, shop fitters and constructions companies, and cabinet makers in Sydney who share our commitment to quality design and excellent service. We can recommend a professional Sydney builder firm to you that can do the construction work on your kitchen remodelling, bathroom remodelling, restaurant fit out or retail shop fitout. Artitects also has access to builders to help homeowners builder their dream homes from the ground up.

We are interior designers who handle project management end-to-end meaning we will handle communication with the builder on your behalf to ensure project success.

A good interior design company is able to understand a client’s goals and take ownership of them. Interior design is not only about appearance; it is also about the quality of the functionality of the space. How design elements are organised affects how well a home interior or commercial interior fulfils the requirements a homeowner or business might have.

Good Interior design in Sydney is personalised, customised as well as aesthetically pleasing. A winning interior design makes use of a clever lighting design that brings out the focus of the space and gives it more layers. Attention to detail by the professional designer throughout the design project is of utmost importance in order to create an interior design style that exceeds expectations of the client.

Whether a DA or CDC is required for your property depends on the actual development we are going to propose for your home or commercial space. There are minor and major developments, both of which are defined by council or state regulation. However, which category your interior design will fall into can only be determined once we understand what kind of property you have and what kind of development you are after.

This question gets addressed at the beginning of the design process after signing with us. But do not worry – we will walk you through every single step of the application process during your project.

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